and the challenge begins! ready?

Can you go 4 Days in a Month eating the tastiest meatless & dairy free meals? We are here to show there are amazing tasty options out there! Your body will love you for it!

how does it work?

Each Monday you will hear the ding of a text with your meatless challenge! We send you the tastiest recipe to create. Its fun & opens your eyes to whole new world of possibilities.

why join in?

 There are so many tasty meat & dairy free meals. We would love to teach & inspire you on how to cook these recipes.  We set up Meatless Monday because we care about the world, animals & you! More and more people are turning to a meat & dairy free diet for the health benefits: increased energy, younger looking skin and eternal youth also supporting the exploitation of animals is another  key factor.

lets do this

A different recipe each Monday to excite your taste buds

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